What Customers Said

  • Let me start off by saying wow, this thing has power! I was afraid this would be a problem when it came to a tight place to use it on. But it was able to penetrate without hesitation. It does take a minute to set it up, you learn to make a ritual of it and it's worth it. The variety of positions you can use it in goes as far as your imagination allows, I was surprised to get it working while laying on my stomach.

    Blaine Korcel

  • I love this great and powerful machine! I am a crossdresser but I don't wanna see anyone in real life. So I bought it for anal sex. It was a little bit difficult to find the correct position at the beginning. But once you've found the position that fits you, its continuous movement quickly takes me to the best ever prostate organism in my life.

    Andrew Ward

  • This toy is incredibly soft, realistic, and bouncy. It feels amazing, and is great to use by yourself or with a partner. Each canal is textured differently for 2 different experiences. They are both tight, and very realistic. There is no drainage hole, which 1. Makes it harder to clean, but 2. Simulates a slight suction feeling. If you are looking for a moderately priced toy that does the job of a top tier one, this is the one for you.

    Caleb Flowers