Sex Virgin Pussy Ass for Male Realistic Butt Anal Vagina Adult Sex Toys for Men


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The product is a lifelike vagina sex toy. and it has multiple ways to have fun, you can enjoy her perfect cast and intensely textured two holes. this sex toy with a soft and supple texture as well as a vibrant vulva and anus will help men to release their sexual thirst. Before using this masturbator, put the moist lube and let it pass, you will enjoy the more exciting feeling.


3D Realistic Design

1). It copies from a real woman.
2). 100% simulation material smooth like baby skin.
3). The ventral and anal canal are roughened for intense stimulation and modeled on a virgin with a narrow vagina.
4). Resistant to abrasion; Reusable, no deformation or the quality/feeling loss.
5). Made from ultra-realistic TPR material, this model-inspired 3D sex doll is soft to the touch, feels powerful in your hands and gives you a pleasantly comfortable feel around your erect penis.

Unique and Innovative Construction

1). The favorite position of most men is wheelbarrow style, this sex toy will give you the most realistic sex pleasure.
2). 3D realistic soft-touch design and lifelike vulva/labia and A-nus bring the perfect orgasm that you always crave. Lass your imagination free rein. You'll soon realize how much she fancies you and will provide unprecedented stimulation.