Anal Sex Machines with 7 Dildos for Women and Men


Many customers are very interested in anal sex machines, based on our sales experience over the past six years. But they are afraid to take the first step, afraid of pain, afraid of some risks. After using our dildo anal sex machine, they have now mastered the art of anal masturbation. This has played a positive role in their lives with their sexual partners. This sex machine comes with 7 accessories that can turn you from a beginner into a master of anal or vaginal masturbation. Such a low price is all we can do for you.



Sex Machine Information:
Output Voltage: DC 12V/24V
Input Voltage: 100 to 240V (It can adjust to work according to your country's voltage)
Stroking Speed: 0 to 420 strokes per minutes
Telescopic Movement Distance: 6cm
Sex Machine Basic Information:
Color: Black 
Machine Size: 37cm * 17 * cm * 15cm (15 inches *6.1 inches * 6 inches)
Adjustable Angle: -5 to 80 degree
Package Weight: 8.82 lb
Package Including (What's in the box) 
1 x Sex Machine
1 x Power Supply
1 x Plug Adapter
2 x Big Black Dildos(26cm Length 5.5cm Width)
1 x Double Dildo
1 x Standard Dildo
3 x Anal Dildos
1 x Extension Tube

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