Portable Sex Machine with 120W Power Motor


Built inside a storage box, this anal sex machine is all you need for a satisfying masturbation session. Your sex toys - dildo attachments, lube, and wires go inside the case, which can be stashed away or carried with you during travel. A4 is best for multi-orgasmic individuals who like to finish it off quickly (a.k.a. Quicky). Super quiet and powerful, toolbox fuck machine is your self-pleasure chest for everything naughty.


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Easy stroke length adjustment

A4 suitcase dildo orgasm machine is capable of 3 to 10 cm stroke length. The slot and screw knob are built for easy adjustment.

1. Slightly loosen the screw.
2. Slide along the slot to the desired position.
3. Tighten the screw.

Back of sex machine (Left plug: Speed controller, Right plug: Power supply)

Vertical Stroke for Strung-Up Sex Slave (for consenting adult partners only)

Do you like stand-up masturbation? Do you love being strung up and forced to orgasm? Either way, vertically position this toolbox to give your pussy/anus a deep massage. Suitable to submissive partner looking for forced orgasms by their BDSM master. (Do not attempt this technique without consulting a professional)

Portable fuck machine:

Main body*1, the Detachable rod with Quick Connect adapter*1, Power supply set*1, Speed controller*1, Standard dildo*1(7.67 inches length,1.41 inches width)

NOTE: For more attachments, please click: Sex Machine Attachments 


Main Body Measures: 32*20*22 cm

Main Body Weight: 5 kg

Stroke Length: 3-10 cm

Motor Type: Turbo Gear Motor, Continuous Duty

Motor Specs: 24V DC 5-6A

Infinite Speed: 4-5 Strokes per second

Torque: 30kgcm / 3Nm

Electrical Input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz

Package Measures: 37*27*26 cm

Gross Weight: 7 kg

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