Realistic Big Fat Pussy Ass by Best Silicone

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Realistic Male Masturbator New Silicone Masturbation

This amazing toy is one of the most realistic dolls available. Everything from her defined musculature to her silky smooth skin feels just like the real thing. Add a perfectly-cast vagina with juicy lips and superbly-detailed clitoris, inner labia, and anus and you could not ask for a more lifelike experience. Both her inviting vaginal and anal holes lead to a finely-textured canal that grips and slips around you with every thrust, massaging you to a hard orgasm. 

Slide into a delightfully tight vagina and discover a textured inner canal to caress your length. Push yourself into the inviting anus and experiment with the varying pleasure-ribs inside. Fantasies come true with this ultra-realistic sex doll. 

Tight yet stretchy, the textured anal passage is sensually structured to give you the fun of anal sex with minimum effort! 

Silky smooth, soft and beautifully curved, you choose how you play with the Realistic Vagina and Ass. Grab, squeeze, stroke and spank her round bum for an all-encompassing experience. Coat her holes with plenty of water-based lube for more intense pleasure.

Doll Weight: 22 Pounds 
Doll size:14 X 13 X 9 Inches life size
Material: Medical grade Silicone (TPR).
Contains latex and Phthalates: NO